Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Traded for Jose Ramirez in Dominican Republic

Last night, big news was announced in the Dominican Republic. Which? Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Jose Ramirez were traded for each other in their country’s winter league.

The Toros del Este acquired Vladdy, who the Leones del Escogido let go to get the star from the Cleveland Guardians.

What you need to know is that the winter league takes place between MLB seasons. That said, MLB players are not necessarily allowed to go.

And they don’t necessarily want to go there either.

Ramirez, for example, hasn’t played for his club since 2015-16. I don’t see why he would go this winter, really.

So I have the impression that it was for Vladdy that the treaty was made.

Guerrero Jr. went to play twice: in 2017-2018, before arriving in the Majors, and in 2020-2021, three years ago.

The second time was after the short season. I don’t know if you remember, but it was after Charlie Montoyo moved Junior to first base.

Vladdy had asked the Jays to let him play in the Dominican Republic to prove he could still play third base and Toronto said yes.

However, he has never returned to third base full time since that time.

This brings us to last year. Guerrero Jr. asked the Jays to let him go, once again, to play a little in his country. The Jays said yes for a few games.

But he didn’t play. Was he insulted and asked to be traded? This is my theory at the moment, in fact.

Even if he doesn’t play, he’s still around the league sometimes. He may have asked to be traded not to play, but to socialize with another gang of guys.

We’ll see what happens, but who knows if Ramirez or Vladdy will actually play with their new team.